160 mm x 160 mm AAA solar simulator

Model : SS-T6i-3A

Class AAA SS-T6i-3A Steady-State Solar Simulator is designed in accordance with the standards of IEC 60904-9 and ASTM E927 to measure the efficiency of solar cells, of which the output beam size is 160 x 160 mm2. The optical illumination and also can be integrated into a glove box,which can exactly match your research needs.SS-T6i-3A can measure the current values from 0.1 mA to 1 A when equipped with the source meter,it is applicable to any kind of solar cells measurements.



Beam Spot

      160 mm x 160 mm

Spectral Match


Non-Uniformity of Irradiance

      ± 2%

Temporal Instability

      ± 2%

Optical Fiber Light Guide

      Light uniform system and light source system separation design

Light Source

      300 W Xenon

Wavelength Range

      400 nm ~ 1100 nm

Light Intensity

      Up to 1000 W/m2@AM1.5G
 (±l0% lamp power control)


      Supply Voltage: 100-240V

      Temperature: 20 ~ 40 °C 

      Humidity: < 80%


      Delayed shutdown air cooling system

      LCD Touch-screen monitor: lamp hours/ lamp power control (±l0%)/light source 

        with shutter control

      The power supply has a stability better than 1%

      Light source with shutter

Divergent Angle


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