Image Sensor Characterization System

Model : MV-IS

MV-IS is a high-performance measurement system of CCD/CMOS image sensor and camera systems for a variety of applications. The measurement wavelength can be extendable to 300 nm~1100 nm. Enlitech's patent uniform light system provides a greater intensity than a traditional integrating sphere. Besides, the unique design for monochromator light, which enables the wavelength resolution to be up to 0.1nm and make the mesurement more accurate.



Light Source

      Instability <1% 

      Cooling system

      Ozone Removal system 

      300nm~1100nm (Extensible)

      Grating monochromatic light

      Continuously adjustable irradiation power : 0~100%

      Resolution: 0.1 nm

      Wavelength Accuracy:±1nm

      Wavelength Repeatability:±0.5nm


      MV-IS Optical system, spot size 30 mm×30 mmdesigned in accordance with the chip size of CCD and CMOS. 

      Spot uniformity ≥99%

      Position of uniform light: a distance of 150 mm from the exit of the uniformity system 

      Intensity of uniform light>5 μw/cm2

      Continuously adjustable irradiation power 

      Pixel QE MeasurementYessufficient light intensity

      Beam-divergence angle: <5°(customized)

Uniformity System-B

4”Integrating sphere, uniformity 99 %


      BNC interface

      Wavelength Range 190 nm ~ 1100 nm

      NIM traceable Certificate

      Area: 10×10cm2,Nonunifornity 0.5% 

      Min. resolution of picoammeter: 10 fA

Control System

the latest Industrial computer, LCD, 4GB RAM, DVD, Windows7


Measurement Dark Room

      Black coating which can keep out the stray lights.

Image Capture Interface

      USB, IEEE, 1394 and BNC.

Sample Stage

      3-axis adjustment stage, Sample holder, Laser positioning function

Software and development tool

      Integrated system-control sofware

      Development tool 

      Monochromator control

      Filter wheel control 

      Picoammeter control

      Automatic stage control (Optional)

      Customizable measurement software (Optional)

● Exclusive uniform light system and high monochromatic light intensity
● Full array pixel measurement
● Divergence angle < 5°
●  Multiple camera interface 
● Is capable of hardware expansion and system upgrade
● Laser positioning

◆ Integration Soultions:
The system provides the solutions for the photon transfer method measurement:

● Quantum Efficiency/Spectral Response
●  Sensibility
● Dynamic Range 
● Dark Current /noise 
●  Linearity Error LE
●  Dark current non-uniformity 
● Photo response non-uniformity
● Chief Ray Angle, CRA

● CCD camera
● CMOS camera
●  UV sensor
●  Infrared light sensor
●  Camera
●  Other optoelectronic devices


(a) The divergence 
angle of patent 
uniform light system
(b) The divergence
angle of Traditional
integrating sphere.

(c) light spot

   (d)The system 
   can provide 
   light over a 
   continuous range
   of wavelengths.

Figure 1. MV-IS system can provide the monochromatic light beam with high uniformity and light intensity, 
and also a high signal-to-noise ratio, which makes the measurement more accurate. 

Figure 2. The measurement results for the industrial camera @ 470 nm wavelength. 

Figure 3. The measurement results of Quantum Efficiency for the industrial camera at 300 nm - 1100 nm

Figure 4. The comparison of irradiance between Enlitech’s exclusive uniform light system and a traditional integrating sphere.

Figure 5. The comparison of Photon Flux between Enlitech’s patent uniform light system and a traditional integrating sphere.

430 nm 

Uniformity 99.04%

530 nm 

Uniformity 99.06%

630 nm 

Uniformity 99.05%

Figure 6. Enlitech’s patent uniform light at diferent monochromatic light wavelengths, the uniformity can be up to 99%

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