IV Tracer Software

Model : KA5000

 Testing parameter

- Short-circuit current (Isc) or Short-Circuit Current Density (Jsc)

Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)

-Maximum Power (Pmax)

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmax)

-Maximum power current (Imax)

Fill factor (FF)

-Conversion Efficiency ()

Series Resistance (Rs)

-Parallel Resistance (Rsh)

Light intensity (W)

-Environmental Temperature (T)

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- Can measure 11 different solar cell parameters.

Applicable to Keithely 24xx and Agilent B2900 series source meters through GPIB, USB, or RS232 interfaces

-Support automatic multi-channel measurement function, which allows user to measure multiple points by pressing just one button.It substantially reduces the testing time.

Can do forward/reverse voltage scan to study slow-response solar cells, such as DSSC and HIT.

- Automatically correct the testing results to STC conditions (25℃).

Support different voltage-interval setting which makes Isc and Voc test results more accurate.

- Support different integration and delay-time settings which provides more flexibility for all kinds of testing needs.

- Can control the solar simulator shutter.

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