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Photoluminescence Quantum Yield System

Exciting Light Source

368 nm High Power LED Light Source(Different wavelength is optional)

- Dominate Wavelength: 368nm ± 5nm

- Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) ~ 10nm

- Lifetime > 10,000 hrs.

- Optical Path: Optical Fiber

Light Intensity Instability< 0.5%

Maximum Light Intensity > 50mW/cm2 (Focused)

Sample Stage:

- Thin Film Sample15mm x 15mm x 1mm (max.) ; 10mm x 10mm x 1mm (min.) 

PL Function:

PL Quantum Yield Measurement Software

100mm Integrating Sphere  

 - Aluminum alloy shell

 - Barium sulphate coating ≧ 99% (Purity)

 - Reflectance ≧ 96±2% (380-1100nm)

 PL Quantum Yield (η) Measuring System Compatible

Multi-channels spectrum measurement system: 300-1100nm

 - USB  interface  

 - Calibration wavelength / illuminance is NIST tracable (VIS range)

 - Wavelenght range: 300-1100nm

 - Resolution: min 1 nm

 - 2048 array silicon CCD detector

 - 16 bit, 2M Hz ADC

 - Radiant sensitivity: 150uA/nW


EL Measuring System

Vertical optical path and probe system:

 - Two soft needles with magnetic bases

 - 4-wire Kelvin Probe with banana connector, can cooperate with the source meter.

 - Source meter connector:V+V-I+I- banana connector (Male)

 - Sample size: smaller than 30mm x 30mm

Measuring properties:

1. Lumens: lm

2. Luminous Intensity: cd

3. Luminance: cd/m2

4. Color Coordinate: (x,y), (u',v')

5. Correlated Color Temperature

6. Peak Wavelength: Wp

8. Purity: %

9.  Lum./W : Efficiency

10. LIV scan curve and diagram output


Industrial Computer

LCD Monitor

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Latest publications referencing PLQY EL

Efficient green light-emitting diodes based on quasi-two-dimensional composition and phase engineered perovskite with surface passivation

Xiaolei Yang, Xingwang Zhang, Jinxiang Deng, Zema Chu, Qi Jiang, Junhua Meng, Pengyang Wang, Liuqi Zhang, Zhigang Yin and Jingbi You

Nature Communications, Volume 9, Article number: 570

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