LED Quantum Efficiency Measurement

Model : LQE-50-EL

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LED Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

Suitable for LED properties measurement
a. 50mm Integrating Sphere 
  - Aluminum alloy Shell
  - Barium sulphate coating
99% (Purity)
  - Reflectance
96±2% (380-1100nm)
b. Vertical optical path and probe system:
  - Two soft needles with magnetic bases
  - 4-wire Kelvin Probe with banana connector, can cooperate with the source meter.
  - Source meter connector:V+V-I+I- banana connector (Male)
  - Sample size: smaller than 30mm x 30mm
c. Source meter for EL measurement should be prepared by users
can support Keithley 2400

Multi-channels spectrum measurement system: 300-1100nm
  - USB  interface 
  - Calibration wavelength / illuminance is NIST tracable (VIS range)
  - Wavelenght range: 300-1100nm
  - Resolution: min 1 nm
  - 2048 array silicon CCD detector
  - 16 bit, 2M Hz ADC

Measuring properties:
1. Lumens: lm
2. Luminous Intensity: cd
3. Luminance: cd/m2
4. Color Coordinate: (x,y), (u',v')
5. Correlated Color Temperature
6. Peak Wavelength: Wp
8. Purity: %
9.  Lum./W : Efficiency
10. LIV scan curve and diagram output


Industrial Computer

LCD Monitor

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