Research Xenon Lamp House (LH-300)

Model : LH-300

A stable light source system can be used as a test light source for component aging, and a monochromatic light source can be provided in combination with a monochromator.
Model Item Specifications
LH-300 Light Source a. 300 W ozone free Xe lamp
b. Irradiance intensity: better than 1 sun
c. Irradiance direction: horizontal or vertical
d. Bulb Lifetime: 1,000 hours
e. Diameter of light spot: 33 mm
f. Temporal Instability: <±2 %, class A
g. Spectral Match: AM 1.5 G, <±25 %, class A
h. Non-Uniformity of Irradiance: <±5 %, class B
i. Spectrum Range: 300-1100 nm
j. Fan Cooling
k. AM 1.5 G Filter
Power Supply a. Current Range: 7-9.5 A
b. Current Instability: <1 %
c. Input: AC 110/220 V,AC±10 %
d. Power: 300 W
IVS-KA5000 Software a. Can be compatible with Keithley 24 XX mutimeter/ Agilent 29 XX/ Keithley 26 XX series source meter
b. Automatic I-V measurement function: can measure the parameters as following: Vmax/ Imax/ Isc/ Jsc/ Voc/ FF/ Pmax/ Efficiency/ Rs/ Rsh
c. Multiple data shown in one picture
d. Quick-note function
e. Semi-log IV function
f. Support NI GPIB, USB & RS232
g. Support direct and pulse measurement mode
h. Automatic forward and reverse voltage scan
i. One curve can be measured with two scan parameters
j. I-T measurement function
SRC-2824 Light Intensity Detector a. 2 mm irradiance area
b. 2824 type Si detector
SS-GI-DOWN Sample stage for glove box integration a. Suitable for light direction from down to top
b. Stage size 220 mm x 234.2 mm
c. IC clip Fixed magnet
d. Maximum support 6 sub cell in one ITO, the distance with each cell should be 2.54mm
e. Fixed platform for reference cell
f. Cable protective cover
g. Standard DB26 cable connector
h. KF40 flange sealed
i. Withstand current 2 A
j. 4-wire measurement
k. Stage with handle
l. Suitable for manual multiplexier
m. Suitable for automatic multiplexier
GIV-M6 Manual multiplexer a. Size: L 195 mm x W 185 mm x H 60 mm
b. Standard 4mm banana connector
c. Standard DB26 co-axial cable connector
d. Banana connector can change to BNC connector
e. Withstand current 2 A
f. Aluminum frame
g. 6 sample channels
h. 1 reference cell IV channel
i. 1 reference cell RTD channel
j. Support 2-wire/ 4-wire measurement
k. Sample and reference cell channel switch
l. 4 mm banana connector cable
2901 A Source meter a. Keysight B2901a SMU
b. Supports one-channel configuration
c. Minimum source resolution: 1 pA /1 μV, Minimum measurement resolution: 100 fA/100 nV
d. Maximum output: 210 V, 3 A DC/ 10.5 A pulse
e. Arbitrary waveform generation and digitizing capabilities from 20 μs interval
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Xenon Lamp for PV devices aging test

Why is the Xenon Lamp the best light source to simulate the sunlight irradiation?
What are the characteristics of Xenon Lamp?
Why is the aging test for PV devices important?

Exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) radiation may cause significant degradation of many materials. To learn more about the lifespan of the materials, devices or solar cells, aging test can be performed by simulating sunlight with a xenon lamp.
Enli Tech LH-300 Xenon Research Source System uses a 300 W Xenon Lamp with a spectral range from 300 to 1100 nm, which is close to sunlight spectrum. LH-300 delivers high intensity, stable and a flexible light direction according to users’ samples. Also, LH-300 can be combined with a monochromator to help you find a solution to suit your research goals.

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