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1 Fully Upgraded! Production Line Solar Simulator Enhance High-Efficiency! 2018-08-17
2 Cover Story: Talents New Power: Photovoltaic Measurement |The Journal of National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, R.O.C.​ 2018-07-24
3 Trokut Solutions, the Enli Tech’s agent in India, attended education and training program. 2018-07-16
4 Machine Vision Lab (in compliance with EMVA1288) by China General Certification Center- the FIRST in PRC that’s been accredited by both CMA and CNAS 2018-06-15
5 Cost Analysis of Perovskite Tandem Photovoltaics. 2018-06-03
6 Southern Taiwan Science Park Director-General Wei Chen Lin: Have complete faith in Enli Tech setting a new benchmark! 2018-04-27
7 A nonfullerene-based polymer solar cell (PSC) performs the highest power-conversion efficiency. This 1 cm^2 sample was tested by Enli Tech Optoelectronic Calibration Lab. 2017-08-08
8 2015/2/16: Customers Published Highly Ranked SCI Journals by Using Enlitech’s Quantum Efficiency / Spectral Response Measurement Systems. 2015-02-16
9 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology demonstrated 10.8 % efficiency with 10 different mixtures 2015-02-24
10 Research team of Christoph Brabec at FAU demonstrates that flexible organic tandem solar modules can achieve 6 % efficiency! 2014-12-01
11 Prof. Yang Yang Lab - the highest power conversion efficiency for perovskite solar cells can be up to 19.3%! 2014-08-15
12 A new world record Triple-Junction Polymer solar cell efficiency of 11.5% set by Prof. Yang Yang Lab team! 2014-08-15