Photoluminescence Imaging Measurement System

Model : SLI-PE-M200

Items Specifications
SLI-PE-M200 a. Laser source: 635 nm, 100 mW with bandpass filters.
b. Measurement sample size: 200 mm (standard 100 mm up to 200 mm maximum).
c. Computer controller for excitation wavelength change.
d. Measurement speed : 8 minitues for 4" samples (GaInP sample type, 1 mm step size, Lamda/Peak/FWHM measurement).
e. Integrated excitation light source.
f. Spot size: < 100 um.
g. Wavelength range: 300-1100 nm.
h. Can measure 4" circular and rectangle samples (maximum).
i. Detector: Si CCD array detector.
Optical Fiber Guiders a. Multi-mode Optical Fiber with AR Coating Aspheric for PL signal from 300-2200 nm (efficiency~75%).
PL chamber a. Archromatic focusing optics for excitation wavelength (>250 nm ) .
b. Long Working Distance Focusing optics for 532 nm.
c. Broadband and high reflectance optics PL signal (From300 nm to 2000 nm)
d. White light source illumination and sample alignment.
e. 5 Mega pixels camera for sample Image and monitoring system.
f. Automatic filer wheel for black excitation wavelength (with Longpass filters 350 nm).
Sample Size and Mapping System a. Sample size: 200 mm maximum (standard 100 mm to 200 mm maximum).
b. Can do the mapping measurement for 4" circular and rectangle sample4.
c. Linear slide, resolution ≦1 um.
d. Double Axis Stage Controller.
e. Z axis manual stage adjustable,±5 mm working distance, resolution: 10 um.
f. 7L/min vacuum pump.
g. High-efficient condenser.
h. Shield box.
i. Three adapters for 2-inch and 6-inch and 26.5 x 26.5 mm samples.
Photoluminescence Measurement Sytem a. Wavelength range:300-1100 nm
b. Sensitivity: >450,000 counts/uW
c. Detector type:2048 back-illuminated Si CCD detector,QE=78%
d. Noise Ratio: 450:1
e. Dark Noise (counts RMS): 17
f. Dynamic range: 3800
g. 16 bit A/D
h. PRNU: ±3%
i. Integration time:2us ~20 sec
  • Single point measurement for PL/EL
a. Can measure single PL spectrum.
b. Can measure single EL spectrum (the software is euqipped with controller for source meter, customers need to prepare the source meter)
  • Arbitrary Multi-point spectrum measurement for PL
a. Can do the arbitrary multipoint photoluminescence spectroscopy measurement automatically in the scanning range of 200 mm x 200 mm.
b. Can do the arbitrary multipoint electroluminescence spectroscopy measurement automatically in the scanning range of 200 mm x 200 mm. (can integrate with source meter, customers need to prepare the source meter).
  • Full-area PL/EL/LBIC Scanning Imaging Function
a. Can do the full-area PL or EL scanning imaging function. (the maximum area 200 mm x 200 mm).
b. Can do the 2D or 3D drawing based on the scanning result.
c. Can output the measurement result into TXT, CVS and JPC file.
  • LBIC Measurement Function
a. Use laser can do the LBIC function by integrating the source meter users offered.
b. Scanning range for LBIC:200mm x 200mm.
c. Can do the 2D or 3D drawing based on the scanning result.
d. Light intensity analysis, wavelength location analysis, FWHM mapping analysis.
e. Measurement report.
f. Recipe edition function.
g. 2D and 3D drawing function.
Computer a. Computer and LCD with windows system, english version.
a. TRPL/PL/EL/LBIC/Reflectance integrated system.

b. Fast mapping method and algorithm approach.

  • 10 to 20 X fast than normal mapping.

c. Multi excitation wavelength capability.

  • From 266 nm up to 1550 nm.
d. Industrial analysis tool.
  • Line profile, defect mapping, DBR measurement.
e. Flexible design.
  • Offer 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch total solution.