Publications of 2010

Publications of 2010

Efficient bilayer polymer solar cells possessing planar mixed-heterojunction Structures
Jen-Hsien Huang, Kuang-Chieh Li, Dhananjay Kekuda, Hari Hara Padhy, Hong-Cheu Lin, Kuo-Chuan Ho and Chih-Wei Chu 
J. Mater. Chem., published online (2010)

Monitoring the 3D Nanostructures of Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells Using Confocal Lifetime Imaging
Jen-Hsien Huang, Fan-Ching Chien, Peilin Chen, Kuo-Chuan Ho and Chih-Wei Chu
Anal. Chem., 82, 16691673 (2010)

Synthesis and Characterization of a Narrow-Bandgap Polymer Containing Alternating Cyclopentadithiophene and Diketo-Pyrrolo-Pyrrole Units for Solar Cell Applications
Guan-Yu Chen, Chien-Ming Chiang, Dhananjay Kekuda, Shang-Che Lan, Chih-Wei Chu, Kung-Hwa Wei
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 48,16691675, published online (2010)

Synthesis and Characterization of a Thiadiazole/Benzoimidazole-Based Copolymer for Solar Cell Applications
Guan-yu Chen, Shang-che Lan, Po-yu Lin, Chih-wei Chu, Kung-hwa Wei
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 48, 44564464 ( 2010)

Synthesis and characterization of novel low-bandgap triphenylamine-based conjugated polymers with main-chain donors and pendent acceptors for organic photovoltaics
Duryodhan Sahu, Harihara Padhy, Dhananjaya Patra, Jen-hsien Huang, Chih-wei Chu, Hong-Cheu Lin
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 48, 58125823 ( 2010)

Synthesis and applications of main-chain Ru(II) metallo-polymers containing bis-terpyridyl ligands with various benzodiazole cores for solar cells 
Harihara Padhy, Duryodhan Sahu, I-Hung Chiang, Dhananjaya Patra, Dhananjay Kekuda, Chih-Wei Chu and Hong-Cheu Lin 
J. Mater. Chem., 21 , 1196-1205 (2011)

Effect of indium fluctuation on the photovoltaic characteristics of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well solar cells 
K. Y. Lai, G. J. Lin, Y.-L. Lai, Y. F. Chen, and J. H. He 
Applied Physics Letters, 96 (2010)

p-Si nanowires/SiO2/n-ZnO heterojunction photodiodes
Chun-Ying Huang, Ying-Jay Yang, Ju-Ying Chen, Chun-Hsiung Wang, Yang-Fang Chen, Lu-Sheng Hong, Chie-Sheng Liu, and Chia-Yin Wu
Applied Physics Letters, 97 (2010)

An efficient flexible dye-sensitized solar cell with a photoanode consisting of TiO2 nanoparticle-filled and SrO-coated TiO2 nanotube arrays 
Jian-Ging Chen, Chia-Yuan Chen, Chun-Guey Wu, Chia-Yu Lin, Yi-Hsuan Lai, Chun-Chieh Wang, Hsin-Wei Chen, R. Vittal, Kuo-Chuan Ho 
Journal of Materials Chemistry ( 2010)

Unsymmetrical Squaraines Incorporating the Thiophene Unit for Panchromatic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Jheng-Ying Li, Chia-Yuan Chen, Chuan-Pei Lee, Szu-Chien Chen, Tsu-Han Lin, Hui-Hsu Tsai, Kuo-Chuan Ho, and Chun-Guey Wu
Organic Letters, 12 (2010)

An efficient light-harvesting ruthenium dye for solar cell application
Shi-Jhang Wu, Chia-Yuan Chen, Jian-Ging Chen, Jheng-Ying Li, Yung-Liang Tung, Kuo-Chuan Ho, Chun-Guey Wu
Dyes and Pigments, 84 (2010) 

Morphological study of P3HT:PCBM blend films prepared through solvent annealing for solar cell applications
Fang-Chung Chen, Chu-Jung Ko, Jyh-Lih Wu, Wei-Chi Chen
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 94, 2426-2430 (2010)

Highly sensitive, low-voltage, organic photomultiple photodetectors exhibiting broadband response 
Fang-Chung Chen1,2, Shang-Chieh Chien1,3, and Guan-Lin Cious
Applied Physics Letters, 97 (2010)

Spatial redistribution of the optical field intensity in inverted polymer solar cells 
Fang-Chung Chen, Jyh-Lih Wu, Yi Hung 
Applied Physics Letters, 96 (2010)

Construction and characteristics of tandem organic solar cells featuring small molecule-based films on polymer-based subcells 
Fang-Chung Chen and Cheng-Hao Lin
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics , 43 (2010)

Highly sensitive MOS photodetector with wide band responsivity assisted by nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide membrane
Yungting Chen, Tzuhuan Cheng, Chungliang Cheng, Chunhsiung Wang, Chihwei Chen, Chihming Wei, and YangFang Chen
Optics Express, 18, 56-62 (2010)

A Polybenzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]dithiophene Derivative with Deep HOMO Level and Its Application in High-Performance Polymer Solar Cells
Lijun Huo, Jianhui Hou, Shaoqing Zhang, Hsiang-Yu Chen, and Yang Yang.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49, 1500 1503 (2010) 

Highly Efficient Tandem Polymer Photovoltaic Cells
Srinivas Sista,Mi-Hyae Park, Ziruo Hong,Yue Wu,Jianhui Hou, Wei Lek Kwan, Gang Li, Yang Yang
Advanced Materials, 22, 380-383 (2010)

High-Efficiency Polymer Tandem Solar Cells with Three-Terminal Structure 
Srinivas Sista, Ziruo Hong, Mi-Hyae Park, Zheng Xu, Yang Yang.
Advanced Materials, 22, E77-E80 (2010)

Multi-Source/Component Spray Coating for Polymer Solar Cells 
Li-Min Chen, Ziruo Hong, Wei Lek Kwan, Cheng-Hsueh Lu, Yi-Feng Lai, Bao Lei, Chuan-Pu Liu, and Yang Yang.
ACS Nano, 4 (8), 47444752 (2010)

Interface investigation and engineering – achieving high performance polymer photovoltaic devices 
Li-Min Chen, Zheng Xu, Ziruo Hong and Yang Yang.
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20, 2575 - 2598 (2010)

Hydrogenated amorphous silicon solar cell on glass substrate patterned by hexagonal nanocylinder array
Wei-Chen Tu, Yi-Tsung Chang, Chieh-Hung Yang, Dan-Ju Yeh, Chung-I Ho, Chun-Yuan Hsueh, and Si-Chen Lee