200 mm x 200 mm Production Line Solar Simulators

Model : SS-IN 7200

High Performance :

- A+A+A Xe lamp solar simulator:

- Repeatability ≦± 0.5%

Accurate Test for high Voc and high efficiency cell:
- 10 ~ 1,000 ms pulse width.
- Suitable for solar cell with Voc up to 750mV.
- 4 synchronous 16-bit channels.
- Low cycle time < 0.5 sec.
- Max throughput 7200 w/h.

- Support 3BB, 4BB, 5BB, WBB, 0BB cell contact

Model Items Specifications
ILSS In-Line Solar Simulator a. A+A+A+ Xenon Solar simulator
b. Spectrum Match: A+, ≦±12.5
c. Light Stability: A+, ≦±1%
d. Non-Uniformity: ≦±1.5%
e. Effective Beam Area: 200 mm x 200 mm
f. Pulse Width: 10ms~1,000 ms
g. Lamp lifetime: >1,500,000 @ 1,000 ms pulse width.
h. Through-put: Max 7200 w/h @ 150 ms pulse width.
i. Min Cycle time: 0.5 sec @ 150 ms pulse width.
j. Multi-level IV curves test <700 ms (under 5 levels from 100~1000 W/㎡ @ 100 ms pulse width).
k. Irradiance Range: 100~1200 W/㎡
l. Active feedback irradiance control.
IVCT IV Curve Tracer a. 4 synchronous 16-bit channels for voltage, current, irradiance and temperature.
b. Measurement resolution: <0.004% FSR.
c. Measurement accuracy: <0.05% FSR for current and voltage.
d. Voltage measurement range: ±20V/ ±10V/ ±5V/ ±2.5V/ ±1.25V
e. Current measurement range: ±16A/ ±8A/ ±4A/ ±2A/±1A
f. ower Repeatability (STD): ≦±0.5%
IVCS IV Curve Software and Contact a. Test parameters: Isc, Voc, Ipm, Vpm, Pmax, FF, Eff, Rs, Rsh.
b. Output curves: IV curves, Pm curve.
c. Temperature correction (based on IEC 60891).
d. Irradiance correction (auto and simultaneously).
e. Implemented PLC and MES interfaces.
f. 3BB, 4BB, 5BB,WBB, 0BB test fixtures.

300~1200 nm full-range spectrum                                    1,000 ms Pulse Width


5BB and 0BB Test Fixtures                                               User Friendly Software


4 synchronous 16-bit channels