Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM)

Model : Enli-SIM

  • High material compatibility - Samples of both hard materials (e.g. semiconductors) and soft materials (samples of biomedical materials) can be measured.
  • Samples do not need preparation (eg staining) before measurement, and keeping the natural state of sample.
  • Non-contact optical surface measurement.
  • It does not need to spend XY(2D) signal scanning time by using the Charge-coupled Device (CCD).
  • Modular system architecture and easy to upgrade the existing wide-field optical microscope.
  • The profiler can be used with non-coherence sources (such as LEDs) or with a coherence source (such as a laser).



Frame Rate

60 frame/min @ 540x540 pixels

Optical Resolution 

of XY Axes

550 nm @ 40x, NA 0.6, wavelength 550 nm

Optical Resolution of Z Axis

10 nm to 1 um 

(user defined) @ 40x, NA 0.6, wavelength550 nm

Objective Lens

40x, NA 0.6

Field of View

90 um x 90 um

(Image pixel size is 170 nm per pixel)


Charge-coupled Device (CCD) or sCOMS Camera



Image Analysis

1.Line Profile Display Analysis

2. 3D Topography Image Display and Analysis

Dimensions (W x H x D)

400 mm x 700 mm x 600 mm. 

(It does not include thedimension 

controller and PC.)

(around16 x 28 x 24)

Enlitech Profiler is a combination of structured illumination technology and differential confocal microscopy. It has the characteristics and advantages of high axial resolution and is ideally suited for measured the surface topography of various samples.

Non-contact surface profiler is best suited for measuring the sample conditions which has other media on the target surface.

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