Temperature Controller

Model : TEMC-10A

Temperature controller is a measurement device used on temperature control and monitor, ensuring that the system temperature operates steadily at the desired set point. The sensor measures the system temperature electronically and sends the measured data to the controller. The temperature difference between the set point and the actual temperature will then be converted into electric current by PID controller which transfers the current to the thermoelectric cooler. And the thermoelectric cooler will turn electric current into heat to adjust the system temperature.

  • AC Input: 85-260 VAC
  • Control Method: digital PID controller
  • Temperature Resolution: ±0.01°C
  • Maximum Output Current: 10A
  • Communication Interface: RS 232
  • Front Panel Display
  • 80 x 70 x 120mm Cooler Plate
  • 10°C~70°C Temperature Range