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About Enli

Enlitech is a professional manufacturer of scientific & metrological instruments. We are dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing high-end measurement equipments to be used in the fields of materials science, machine vision, photovoltaic testing and analysis based on our Quantum Efficiency Expertise.   Our company provides complete and reliable solutions for scientific research, certification and production quality control. We integrate the optical and electrical technologies with user-friendly software and we have succeeded to help customers achieve excellence and breakthrough in the fields of solar cell/module development, new materials research and the development of imaging sensor (CMOS sensor) & camera (including mobile phone cameras, industrial cameras and scientific cameras).  Since 2012, we have been building up sales channels and service centers in mainland China, Japan, the United States, Middle East, and India. We are committed to providing customers with complete measurement and analysis systems and suitable/customized solutions to help them achieve industrial upgrading and technological innovations.