100 mm x 100 mm AAA solar simulator

Model : SS-X100R

SS-X100R Steady-State Solar Simulator is designed in accordance with the standards of IEC 60904-9 and ASTM E927 to measure the efficiency for solar cells, of which the output beam size is 10 cm x 10 cm. The optical fiber light guide enables the flexible illumination and also can be integrated into a glove box, which can exactly match your research needs. SS-C10-3A  can measure the current values from 0.1 mA to 1 A when equipped with the source meter,it is applicable to any kind of solar cells measurements.

Items Specifications
AAA Steady-State Solar Simulator a. Illumination area: 100 mm × 100 mm, rectangle spot
b. Spectral Match: AM 1.5 G, <±25%, class A
c. Non-Uniformity of Irradiance: <±2%, class A
d. Temporal Instability: <±2%, class A
e. Light Source: 1000 W Xe lamp
f. Divergent angle: ≦3 half degree
g. Delayed shutdown air cooling system
h. Can integrate with glove box
i. Irradiance intensity: better than 1 sun, can achieve 1200 W/m(maximum)
j. Shutter Switcher. Can be controlled manually or automatically
k. Overheat protection
l. Active Fan cooling system with power-off-delay function
m. Irradiance direction: horizontal or vertical
n. LCD touch-panel display
o. Safety interlock: the system will shut down automatically when the lamp house opens
p. Lamp timer
q. Bulb Lifetime: ≦1,000 hours
r. Operation environment:
   • Temperature: 15 °C~35 °C
   • Humidity: 20%~ 85%
s. Adjustable in light intensity from 0% to 100%

Nonlinear intensity adjustment

- In compliance with IEC60904-9 standards:

Spectral Match: SS-C10-3A is compliance with IEC 60904-9 Class A definition.

Non-uniformity of irradiance: SS-C10-3A is compliance with IEC 60904-9

Temporal instability: SS-C10-3A is compliance with IEC 60904-9 class A definition 

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Introduction to Solar Simulators
What does a solar simulator do?
What’re the differences between solar simulator and sunlight?
What does 3A stand for?
You can get the answers from the video!

Enli Tech AAA Steady-State Solar Simulators are applicable to any kind of solar cells and perovskite solar cells. Equipped with AAA class steady light source and the third party accreditation, Enli Tech AAA Solar Simulators provide a flexible light direction according to users’ samples. Moreover, with its unique design, SS-F5-3A can be perfectly integrated with your glove box and sample box as well.

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