PV Field


Quantum Efficiency/ Spectral Response/ IPCE Measurement System (1)

QE-R Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

● High-efficiency light collection system and provides accurate and stable measurement.
● Exclusive two DSP dual-phase lock-in amplifiers, which monitors the optical power and measure the device signal simultaneously.
● Exclusive integrated computer-controlled signal switch can reduce cost for maintenance and consumables.
● Stable lamp system for long testing and less calibration time.
● For various types of solar cells measurement.

Luminescence Quantum Efficiency (EQE)/ Quantum Yield (QY) Measurement System (1)

LQE-100-PL LED Photoluminescence Quantum Yield Measurement

● Adopt 100mm Integrating Sphere system
● Exciting Light Source: with High Power LED Light Source
● Multi-channels spectrum measurement system
● Vertical optical path and probe system