IV Test System

Indoor-Solar-Cell Testing-Room-Light Simulator (1)

LITS Indoor-Solar-Cell Testing-Room-Light Simulator

● Applicable for DSSC, OPV, Perovskite solar cells, in indoor application.
● Integrate light source, test fixtures, reference call, SMU, and testing software within a compact system.
● Combined fluorescent tube and LED light sources.
● Extremely long lamp lifetime, more than 6,000 hr.
● Provide illuminance (lux) and irradiance (W/㎡) in one system.
● Room-light level: 200 lux ~ 10,000 lux or 0.05 W /㎡ ~ 25 W /㎡.
● Multi-channel testin...

IV Tracer Software (1)

KA5000 IV Tracer Software

●Automatically measure IV curve.
●Applicable to Keithely 24XX and Agilent B2900 series source meters
●Can measure 11 different solar cell parameters.
●Can control the solar simulator shutter.
●Designed in accordance with IEC60904, and can automatically do the results of spectral mismatch factor.