Awards & Certifications

Enlitech insists on honesty, pursues the purpose excellent and strives for innovation, to provide the optimum solutions to our customers. After founding “ Enli Laboratory ”, Enlitech devoted itself to establishing ISO 17025:2005 quality systems, then obtained the Calibration Lab. accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025 (TAF) in March 2012 in solar cell Spectral Response/Quantum Efficiency field.

The Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) is the only national accreditation body in Taiwan. TAF accreditation recognizes and promotes organizations by assessing, against international standards and criteria (ISO/IEC 17025), their competence in providing specific types of certification, calibration, testing, inspection and proficiency testing program services. Enlitech obtains TAF certificate for ISO/IEC 17025, not only provides calibration services in solar cell Spectral Response field, but also ensures that the competence of laboratory is above specific level. Besides, Enlitech constantly enhances services quality to provide more satisfied services to our customers.

Enlitech Innovative Photovoltaic Testing Technology Award Enlitech Industry-university Cooperation Excellence Enlitech Industry-university Cooperation Excellence
Enlitech Solar Simulator Patent Enlitech Solar Cell measurement devices