Technical Articles

Enli Tech endeavors in photovoltaic testing instruments and perovskite solar cells applications, and provides professional and abundant technical articles including:
Perovskite Solar Cell Techniques and Methods
Technical Notes

Perovskite Solar Cell Techniques and Methods (21)

These technical notes cover applications and technical aspects of perovskite solar cells. This includes, for example, how to precisely measure perovskite solar cells and examples of perovskite solar cells measurements using FLIM Image, PL Image, Raman Image, TRPL, etc.

Spectroscopy (12)

These technical articlescover methods and theories used in the fields of photoelectronic measurement,spectroscopy, solar cell testing, material science, etc. For example, theory ofdiffraction, monochromator, Xe lamp light generation mechanism, an introductionto air mass, etc.

Technical Notes (13)

These technical notes cover the photoelectronic testing instruments related theories, such as solar simulators, IV curves, the basic terms of photoelectronic testing filed.