Sample Testing Service

Sample Testing Service

Enlitech provides sample testing services to proceed the Quantum Efficiency/Spectral Response measurement. Our laboratory is equipped to handle the sample tests as follows:

Solar Products

Regarding to the new version of the testing requirements and methods of IEC 60904-8 and IEC 61853-2, we provide the following testing services:

(1) PV module performance testing service: Silicon and Thin Film


(2) Six inch Solar cell Full-Area testing service: Enlitech provides measurement services with the same level of Fraunhofer ISE.


(3) Solar cell Quantum Efficiency/Spectral Response testing service: covering new type of high-performance solar cell and multi-junction (four-junction included) solar cell testing service.


(4) Third Party Accreditation: If you would like to publish papers in international journals or win your potential customer trusts, you will need the test and calibration results provided by an independent and accredited third party. Enlitech is accredited by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) that is recognized as being competent by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Arrangement signatory accreditation bodies.

Image Sensor and Detector

Measurable Parameters:

Ø   System gain (K)

Ø   Quantum efficiency (η)

Ø   The amount of Saturation irradiation photons  (μp,min)

Ø   The amount of minimum detectable irradiation photons (μp,min)

Ø   Dynamic range

Ø   Dark current

Ø   Linearity and linearity error



Ø   Chief Ray Angle (CRA)

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