2015/2/16: Customers Published Highly Ranked SCI Journals by Using Enlitech’s Quantum Efficiency / Spectral Response Measurement Systems.

Customers Published Highly Ranked SCI Journals by Using Enlitech’s Quantum Efficiency / Spectral Response Measurement Systems

Science Citation Index (hereinafter refer to SCI), the top three citation indexes in the world, is recognized as an index tool and evidence reflecting and evaluating the leading research results in the scientific field. For most of the scientific institutions and researchers, SCI paper numbers present their academic level and research ability.  

SCI defines the impact factor of the journals every year, and the impact factor reflecting the number of citations to the articles published in the journal. The higher the impact factor, the more highly ranked the journals are. Therefore, articles published in more highly ranked journals not only influence its academic filed but also represent the journals are better than other journals.

The Photovoltaic Industry was born in Europe and American, and was grown rapidly in Asia recently. Taiwan, a small island in Asia, has gained its foothold in the PV industry with the faith of “Never Give Up” and “Continuous Innovation”. Enli Technology, a professional optical-electrical measurement system manufacturer in the southern part of Taiwan, has been working on researching and developing spectral response measurement systems, from the low consumption IPCE system, the large spot with 6 inch illumination area and uniformity ≧95% to the module quantum efficiency measurement system which is similar to the DSR system of PTB for the primary reference cell calibration (the uncertainty is less than 0.9%). With the complete products line, our measurement system can perfectly satisfy every customer’s requirements and needs.

In the past five years, Enlitech’s quantum efficiency / spectral response products have been sold to the target research institute and lab around the world, and the customers have also published the SCI research papers successfully by using our equipments.Because of the globalization, SCI papers have been the leading method of international science and technology communication. Enlitech’s quantum efficiency / spectral response measurement systems which are in accordance with the IEC standards and accredited by ISO 17025 become the “right-hand man” of the customers and enhance their research quality and research impact when publishing their research result.  

In the future, Enliteh will keep innovating and developing the optical-electrical measurement system and technology and then providing the best solutions to our customers as we always do.