A new world record Triple-Junction Polymer solar cell efficiency of 11.5% set by Prof. Yang Yang Lab team!

A new world record Triple-Junction Polymer solar cell efficiency of 11.5% set by Prof. Yang Yang Lab team!

UCLA Prof. Yang Yang, one of our most representative customers, who exceeds the previous world record (also set by Yang Yang Lab) in power conversion efficiency for a triple-junction polymer solar cell, of which the result of new record 11.5% was published in Advanced Materials. We are pleasured to see our customer - prof. Yang Yang Lab made such promising progress in their researches, knowing that our QE-R Total Quantum Efficiency Solutions for Solar Cells can contribute to our customer’s research work.


Enlitech’s QE-R system at Yang Yang Lab. Prof. Yang Yang uses our QE-R system to measure quantum efficiency for solar cells.

The triple junction tandem structure that Yang Yang Lab uses, similar to the GaInP/GaInAs/Ge structure demonstrated by champion III-V multijunction solar cells, performing an outstanding power conversion efficiency of 11.5%. It's worth mentioning that the previous efficiency result for polymer solar cells hardly reached more than 10%. In the past few years for the organic solar cell technology, the material and chemistry research society has laid emphasis on polymer-based material. The organic material is well known for its solution processibility, which enables high volume, non-vacuum based roll-to-roll printing production. However, organic solar cells are less efficient compared to Si-based solar cells. To accomplish the goals to make the cost-effective organic solar cells more efficient, Yang Yang Lab team believes that by continuously creating the highest efficiency record, their work can advance the development of technology and also the progress of commercialization.

Prof. Yang Yang Lab adopts Enlitech’s QE-R system to measure the quantum efficiency for triple junction organic solar cells. Our QE system was mentioned in Prof. Yang Yang’s published paper “An Efficient Triple-Junction Polymer Solar Cell Having a Power Conversion Efficiency Exceeding 11%.”

Prof. Yang Yang Lab: http://yylab.seas.ucla.edu/facility.aspx