Cover Story: Talents New Power: Photovoltaic Measurement |The Journal of National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, R.O.C.​

Cover Story: Talents New Power: Photovoltaic Measurement |The Journal of National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, R.O.C.

Standing by its core values of “Speed, Integration, Service, Integrity”, Enli Tech has now grown to the most innovative and professional manufacturer of science & metrological instruments. “High-efficiency, and capability of innovation are the foundations of development in photovoltaic industry. Keep trying and treat failure like a scientist! ”said Chairman Ko. Enli Tech has constantly developed new products, expanded to overseas markets as well as developed the optoelectronic technology in semiconductor and biomedical science applications. 

Keep Startup Spirit, Anticipate the Trends

Enli Tech was founded in March 2009, when there were only five members in the group. With precise market insight, they found that the measurement instrument used in Taiwan were almost International brands and very expensive. Therefore,Enli Tech decided to develop compact, high cost-effective and easy to use quantum efficiency, AAA solar simulator and photoluminescence measurement instrumentation and system which are made in Taiwan. Today, Enli Tech has proven itself capable of developing state-of-art optoelectronic measurement instrumentation. 

“Initiative, high-efficiency, technological mastery, and integrated capacity combine to our long-term commitment to customers. They also justify our success. ” said Chairman Ko. Enli Tech solar cell Quantum Efficiency and Spectral Response calibration laboratory is the first one accredited to ISO/ IEC 17025 and TAF in the word, plus acquires recognition from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), one of the largest public research organizations in Japan, and the Accreditation Foundation in Chana. Nowadays many well-known International calibration Institutions such as the National Institute of Metrology, China, WUXI Test Institution, China General Certification Center, etc, have adopted our instrumentation and systems.

Highly effective Team

Enli Tech has a highly effective team in specific work specialization including optical, mechanical, electronic and software departments. According to customers’ needs, Enli Tech provides a stable basis for new outstanding developments and instrumentations through system integration.

“In this fast-paced industry, the development of optoelectronic technology has constantly changed. However, we are not afraid of losing competitiveness as Enli Tech has the advantages of high quality, highly efficient service, also we continually create innovative and customized products.” said General Manager Dr. Liao, who had been engaged in research in UCLA Yang Yang Lab.

In terms of Enli Tech QE-R solar cell quantum efficiency measurement system, to avoid the test result affected by busbars covering the spot, Enli Tech is the first to develop small beam measurement system shrinking the beam size, dodging busbars and then getting highly accurate measurement.

Moreover, Enli Tech is the first to develop big beam size measurement system in accordance with Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering to measure solar cells quantum efficiency and has constantly increased the accuracy. Nowadays Enli Tech is known as a company leading in the field of quantum efficiency measurement instrumentations and holds the number one market share position in China.

Cooperate with renowned researchers in academy and connect with International corporations.

To improve technical innovation and get ahead of the industry, Enli Tech has constantly co-developed with renowned researchers in academy and calibration institutions. Meanwhile, Enli Tech has founded an industry-academy cooperation and integrated the theories with hands-on applications.

Reflecting on Enli Tech’s first transformation above the photovoltaic crash during 2010 to 2011, Chairman Ko pointed to the company’s capability to extend our core techniques to other fields, such as semiconductor materials testing, LED and aerospace applications and expand business to China. All these are crucial to Enli Tech’s coming up with various well-rounded testing solutions.

The second time transformation: upgrade and comprehensive support services for customers

Enli Tech’s intention is to offer customized products and highly-efficient services always driven by its customers ’needs and inspirations. That are the key points to expand to overseas markets, such as China, India, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, etc, and receive worldwide distinguished clients’ recognitions.

“But it’s not enough! We must keep improving techniques in optoelectronic field. “said Chairman Ko.  In 2007, Enli Tech catered to the market demand of new type of solar cells testing manners by developing a brand-new line production solar simulator with high performance. We have successfully teamed up with biomedical researchers to develop 3D super resolution microscopes that permits structured illumination microscopy on measurement instrumentations.

The Drive for High Efficiency Conversion in Enli Tech

“To further enhance the competitiveness in optoelectronic industry, we expand customer services and aimed to customer-oriented service.The most important is that we are constantly improving ourselves, and our innovative and dynamic team of optical, mechanical, electronic and software engineers work together to offer a wide range of products in various applications,such as biomedical,perovskite, photoluminescence, etc.” said Chairman Ko. Enli Tech. Since 2018, Enli Tech has recruited more professionals, developed production and expanded to overseas markets. Thanks for the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs’ sharing experiences, Enli Tech will surely create maximal value.

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