Win-Win co-operation! EnliTech and Vigor launch a test integration solution for perovskite batteries and CIGS batteries!

Win-Win co-operation! EnliTech and Vigor launch a test integration solution for perovskite batteries and CIGS batteries!

The global solar photovoltaic industry has entered a new phase. According to the “CIGS White Paper 2019”, wind and solar photovoltaic power generation will account for 50% of global power generation by 2050.  


High-volume, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly photovoltaic manufacturing and production will play an important role in an emissions-constrained energy economy. This emerging cost paradigm will also open up new opportunities for solar deployment, on established rooftop and utility scales. The scale and number of solar applications will continue to increase, and PV will play a greater role as an integrated element in our architechural environment equipment and mobile solutions, while efficient, environmentally friendly, flexible, lightweight, recyclable and cost-effective CIGS thin-film solar technology will dominate the fast-emerging photovoltaic market, such as the BIPV field.


With the advancement of technology, the development of thin-film solar cells will be changing over time. CIGS thin-film solar cells will also usher in rapid development. At the same time, PV cell testing may encounter the following problems:

1. CIGS solar cell has a larger short current, so if it is exposed to light for a long time, there may be a shunt (burned out of the film) point (related to the circuit design of the battery).

2. The contact of the cell electrode of the flexible substrate with the electrode may be poor and requires additional design or improvement.

The abovementioned two points are based on the difference in electrical performance characteristics and substrate characteristics of the CIGS solar cell compared to crystalline silicon cells.


As a system integration expert in optoelectronic measurement and perovskite solar cell, EnliTech has strategic cooperation with Vigor Gas Purification Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to jointly launch a large-area light source and glove box integration solution to satisfy scientific researchers on perovskites solar cell and CIGS tests through mutual cooperation of both parties’ product and technology, to achieve 1 +1 > 2.


Powerful features of the CIGS test integration solution:


Light source system with automatic height adjustment

PV efficiency test in the glove box and outside the glove box

EnliTech large illumation area SS-X series simulator integrated with Vigor glove box


Enlitech & Vigor

Large area light source simulator and glove box integration system



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EnliTech Enli Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in quantum efficiency measurement, research, and development of scientific instruments, customized production and provides a full range of solutions and services in the research and development of solar cells, perovskite batteries, novel materials research and other fields. A number of major breakthroughs and superior results have been achieved. Many of world class research centers, such as UCLA, Northwestern University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Erlangen-Nuremberg University, Indian Institute of Technology, Peking University, NREL, AIST, SERIS, and Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Nanoscience Center…etc. having long-term technical relationships with EnliTech.

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Vigor Gas Purification Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating R&D, design, production, and service, which is composed of the national “Thousand Talents Program” entrepreneurial talents. Vigor specializes in the production of inert atmosphere equipment, gas purification systems and solvent purification systems, providing anhydrous, oxygen-free and even nitrogen-free ultra-pure and ultra-clean for the chemical, chemical engineering, 3D printing, laser welding, nuclear industry, OLED and solar cell industries. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the purification of ultra-high purity gases (purity > 99.999999%), Vigor has developed the world's leading inert atmosphere equipment sealing and purification technology. Water and oxygen content can reach PPB level, nitrogen content can reach < 1 PPM, cleanliness to level 1 or ISO-2 level, and has provided thousands of inert atmosphere equipment and systems for more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The unit and related researchers provide comprehensive technical solutions.