Persistence is the key to success EnliTech solution to precise measurement of perovskite solar cell

Persistence is the key to success: Enlitech's solution to precise measurement of perovskite solar cell

On October 18, 2019, “The Third Solar Photovoltaic Measurement Technology Seminar and Industry Exchange Meeting” was successfully held by the National Institute of Metrology, China and TUV Technical Inspection Association jointly in Beijing NIM Changping experimental campus. In the meeting, we made technical discussion around photovoltaic laboratory capacity recognition, measurement traceability transfer system and related international standards introduction, new solar cell production, measurement instrument and accurate measurement and other topics. More than 200 experts of photovoltaic testing and certification institutions, experts of national key photovoltaic testing laboratories, representatives of quality and technology departments of photovoltaic well-known enterprises, representatives of photovoltaic product instrument and equipment manufacturers, as well as teachers and relevant scientific research and technical personnel of scientific research institutes in Colleges and universities attended the meeting.


EnliTech made a statement at the seminar

As a well-known instrument and equipment manufacturer of photovoltaic products in the industry,   EnliTech was honored to be invited to this conference and give a wonderful speech of Precise Measurement Solution of EnliTech Perovskite Solar Cell at the seminar. In the speech, the unique advantages and latest development of the company in the measurement field of perovskite solar cell was introduced in the aspects of the importance of accurate measurement of perovskite solar cells, the verification of electrical measurement results, the test standard of NREL for perovskite solar cells, the influence of standard cell differences on the evaluation of perovskite solar cells, etc.. Moreover, we made a warm exchange and discussion with the guests on the spot on the new precise measurement methods of solar cells.


At present, with rapid development, domestic solar photovoltaic metering has reached the international advanced level. However, in order to serve the industry and meet industrial demand, there is still a lot to work on. For example, many photovoltaic enterprises send standard solar cells and reference components abroad for measurement, which is time-consuming, high-cost and risky. As for this problem, since 2011, EnliTech Photoelectric Correction Laboratory began to provide “QE / SR / Jsc / ISO / NREL Efficiency Certification Service” for customers of scientific research institutions. It has ISO / IEC 17025 solar cell spectral response / quantum efficiency correction laboratory qualification and formally joins the ranks of third-party International Certified laboratories;


EnliTech photoelectric correction experiment certification was adopted by international journals of Advanced Materials

In 2019, EnliTech Photoelectric Correction Laboratory implemented NREL the latest standard testing technology: Asymptotic method to certify the maximum power and efficiency of perovskite and organic solar cells, followed up the latest technology of international third party efficiency certification and established good cooperation relationship with NREL laboratory, USA so as to assist domestic users in applying U.S. NREL efficiency certification service, help users faster publish international journals and ensure traceability quality and improve the efficiency measurement accuracy and credibility of the new device.




    Behind fruitful results is EnliTech's scientific research accomplishment specializing in the field of perovskite solar cell measurement for decades and the craftsman's heart of keeping improving. In the future, we will continue to forge ahead, and work together with customers, based on the future development trend of perovskite solar cell industry, to provide diversified, customized and efficient services and promote healthy and orderly development of the industry.