Meeting Minutes for the 6th Meeting of the Fourth Term Board of Directors of Enli Technology Co., Ltd.

Time and Date : 10:00 a . m. , November 15 , 2019

Location: 1F., No. 96, Luke 5th Road, Luzhu District, Kaohsiung City

Chairman : Mrs. Li Ya Ko                

Secretary : Pei Chien Huang

Report Proposal

Report Proposal (1): Confirm the minutes of the last board meeting and review the reports of the follow-up actions.

Report Proposal (2):2019 Q1~Q3 Financial Result、2020 Financial Outlook

Report Proposal (3):Bank quota and interest rate

Matters to be Discussed

Discussion Proposal (1): In response to the actual needs of the company, apply for revolving loan facility limit and renewal applications.

Resolution: Approved by all attending Directors without objection.

Extempore Motion

Motion to Adjourn