Components & Accessories (9)

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PL/EL/TCSPC/DBR Mapping (1)

SLI-PE-M200 Photoluminescence Imaging Measurement System

● TRPL/PL/EL/LBIC/Reflectance integrated system.
● Fast mapping method and algorithm approach.
● Multi excitation wavelength capability.
● Industrial analysis tool.
● Flexible design: offer 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch total solution.

Indoor-Solar-Cell Testing-Room-Light Simulator (1)

LITS Indoor-Solar-Cell Testing-Room-Light Simulator

● Applicable for DSSC, OPV, Perovskite solar cells, in indoor application.
● Integrate light source, test fixtures, reference call, SMU, and testing software within a compact system.
● Combined fluorescent tube and LED light sources.
● Extremely long lamp lifetime, more than 6,000 hr.
● Provide illuminance (lux) and irradiance (W/㎡) in one system.
● Room-light level: 200 lux ~ 10,000 lux or 0.05 W /㎡ ~ 25 W /㎡.
● Multi-channel testing capability.
● Sample size can up to 160 mm x 160 mm

Image Sensor Characterization System (1)

MV-IS Image Sensor Characterization System

● Exclusive uniform light system and high monochromatic light intensity.
● Full array pixel measurement.
● Divergence angle < 5°.
● Multiple camera interface.
● Is capable of hardware expansion and system upgrade.
● Laser positioning..
● The system provides the solutions for the photon transfer method measurement.

Time-Resolved Photoluminescence (1)

● High accurate capability of measuring carrier lifetime.
● Unique and adjustable pulsed light source fits materials with different types of carrier lifetime.
● User friendly control software, one-touch carrier lifetime measurement software.
● Powerful hardware extension satisfies various high-end measurement and analytical requirements.
● Flexible sample chamber design satisfies liquid and solid sample applications.
● Sampling capability up to 32678 passage of time.

Laser Scanning Confocal (1)

SPCM-1000 Laser Scanning Confocal

● Total Laser-scanning Fluorescence Confocal Microscope System.
● Non-damage and high resolution fluorescence imaging.
● User-friendly interface and easy to maintain.
● Fluorescence spectrum measurement on the nanometer scale.
● Imaging pixel: 4096 x 4096 (maximum).
● Can extend the Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) function.
● Can extend the Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope function.

SIM_3D Super Resolution Microscope (1)

● Beyond the optical diffraction limitation. Twice the resolution of conventional optical microscopes.
● Fast imaging. The Time Resolution of 0.2 sec/frame
● Z-axis high resolution 3D fluorescence imaging technology
● Upgrading microscope, Integrating SIM system, Providing total solutions

SIM_Surface Profiler (1)

● Beyond the optical diffraction limitation. Twice the resolution of conventional optical microscopes.
● Fast imaging. The Time Resolution of 5 frame/sec
● High resolution 3D imaging technology
● Upgrading microscope, Integrating SIM system, Providing total solutions

Reference Cell (1)

SRC-2020 Reference Cell

SRC-2020 reference cell is one of the most important parts of solar simulator and IV tracer. In accordance with Enlitech’s filter technology, the spectral mis-match is improved tremendously.

Temperature Controller (1)

TEMC-10A Temperature Controller

The sensor measures the system temperature electronically and sends the measured data to the controller. The temperature difference between the set point and the actual temperature will then be converted into electric current by PID controller which transfers the current to the thermoelectric cooler. And the thermoelectric cooler will turn electric current into heat to adjust the system temperature.

Full-Area Spectral Response Measurement System (1)

S6 Solar Cell Full-Area Spectral Response Measurement System

● S6 is the first modular full-area (156x156 mm2) illumination equipment in the world.
● Can do both of small spot size and full area measuring.
● Compared with the small spot size, the measurement speed of S6 system is 10 times faster since users do not to scan the samples.
● With signal monitoring function, users can monitor the signal when measuring the samples.

Module QE Measurement System (1)

MSR Solar Cell and PV Module Spectral Response/Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

● High-intensity and high-stability light source
● Full-size illumination for 6-inch (156 x 156 mm2) solar cell
● Wavelength: 300-1200 nm (extend to 1800 nm for P-mode) with spectral resolution < 10 nm
● Ability of WPVS-reference cell calibration. (Optional)

AAA Solar Simulator (1)

● SS-F5s AAA Steady-State Solar Simulator, Beam Size: 5cm x 5cm
● SS-F7-3A AAA Steady-State Solar Simulator, Beam Size: 7cm x 7cm
● SS-X100R AAA Steady-State Solar Simulator, Beam Size: 11cm x 11cm
● SS-X160R AAA Steady-State Solar Simulator, Beam Size: 16.5cm x 16.5cm
● SS-X180R AAA Steady-State Solar Simulator, Beam Size: 18cm x 18cm
● SS-X200R AAA Steady-State Solar Simulator, Beam Size: 20cm x 20cm

μ-Raman-HR (1)

Flexible & Affordable Confocal Micro-Raman/PL System
● Multiple laser Selectable; 266 nm ~ 1064nm
● Fiber-coupling or free space coupling
● Confocal discrimination
● Mega-pixel digital image
● Flexible but rugged design
● Easy to integrate with different platform
● Upgradeable to confocal Raman imaging
● Single “one-button” data acquisition for full Raman spectrum
● Upgradeable to expand to Photoluminescence/ Fluorescence/ Time-resolved-PL

Super Resolution Structured Illuminator (1)

● The best choice for upgrading microscope! Provide customized SIM system integration and total solutions.
● Arbitrary shape, size and light intensity of light patterns can be achieved
● Precise spatial illumination control (illumination of non-target area can be avoided)
● No time difference illumination characteristics in any areas of the specimens
● Both of dark (inhibit) and light-irradiation (stimulate) modes are equipped
● Spatial and temporal controlled characteristics make it possible to automate highly complex & dynamic lighting
● High-speed (120Hz) light pattern adjustment for bio-applications is satisfied
● Equipped different color light sources for simultaneous stimulate/inhibit, photobleaching/photoactivation and uncaging applications
● Compatible with variant light source such as laser, LED, mercury light and halogen light
● The system is built on LabView instrumentation platform. It is easy to design the user interfaces and integrate different equipment.