Pico-Tau Time-Resolved Photoluminescence System

Model : Pico-Tau

Pico-Tou is a time resolved photoluminescence (PL) system designed by Enlitech.The ultra-short pulse exited sample to generate radiative emission from excited state to ground state and the lifetime of PL can be determine by Time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) technique from sub-ns to ms time region. These results could help researchers determine the carrier lifetime of optoelectronic devices, quantum dot and graphene compounds. Enlitech offers several options for excitation wavelength, bandwidth of emission wavelength, detectors to different application.

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● High accurate capability of measuring carrier lifetime. The shortest lifetime is up to 200ps, precision 25ps.
● Unique and adjustable pulsed light source fits materials with different types of carrier lifetime. The longest lifetime is up to 10 us.
● User friendly control software, one-touch carrier lifetime measurement software.
● Powerful hardware extension satisfies various high-end measurement and analytical requirements.
● Flexible sample chamber design satisfies liquid and solid sample applications.
● Sampling capability up to 32678 passage of time can make the curve more precisely.

By measuring the carrier lifetime, we can analyze the moving characteristics of solar cell’s carrier to improve its process conditions and increase conversion efficiency. The results will enhance the technical development of high efficiency solar cells. The high efficiency solar cells has longer lifetime.For organic molecular, the process of electronic excitation can be analyzed by measuring its spectral signal and illumination lifetime to obtain the materials’ internal messages and mechanism (boned status, defection, impurity, carrier transmission path, energy relaxation mechanism .Organic optoelectronic materials such as PVK are also adopted in illumination field. Analyzing the existence of light-emitting layer is not from the radiation process. Through the process improvement of structure or adding other molecular to decrease the non-radiation process but increase the efficiency of light-emitting layer.  Therefore, the carrier lifetime measurement is an important detecting tool in kinetic spectroscopy. For all the R&D staff that requires recording the optoelectronic materials, semiconductor materials and weak light emission within picoseconds and sub-ns, this is a necessary measurement system.

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