Quantum Efficiency (3)

Enlitech’s Photovoltaic Quantum Efficiency/ Spectral Response systems are developed in accordance with IEC, ASTM standards and refers to the measurement procedure of primary metrology institutes to determine QE/ SR of photovoltaic devices.
Our equipment provides multiple measuring functions and customized testing stages to satisfy customer's needs.
Enlitech's products are now implemented by famed research centers and major cell manufacturers to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells...

Solar Simulator (10)

Enlitech develops the class AAA steady-state apparatus to well simulate the natural sunlight. With accurate power measurement depends on the quality and reliability of solar simulator, Enlitech provides wide options of beam sizes: 5cm, 7cm, 11cm, 16.5cm, 18cm, 20cm and In-line solar simulator (beam size: 20cm) for completing customers’ functional needs.

Super Resolution Microscope (3)

Enlitech develops multi-functional applications in super-resolution microscopy and offers high-tech optical technology microscopy system: Total Laser-scanning optical Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy System and non-damage and high resolution fluorescence image, which increase the resolution of images.

Luminescence Efficiency (1)

With great precise spectrum measurement, Integrating Sphere and exclusive software, Enlitech offers a high performance to measure a variety of LED with measuring properties: Lumens, Luminous Intensity, Color Coordinate, Correlated Color Temperature, and Peak Wavelength, which makes the measurement more accurate.

Photoluminescence (5)

Photoluminescence (abbreviated as PL) is a simple, rapid, non-contact and non-destructive technique to detect the characterization of electronic configuration of materials.
Photoluminescence carries useful information that can facilitate sample analysis and confirm the impurity’s characteristic, Energy gap and the Minority-Carrier lifetime in the samples.
Enlitech offers several options for excitation wavelength, bandwidth of emission wavelength, detectors to different application.

Image Sensor (1)

Enlitech’s exclusive image sensor characterization system of CCD/ CMOS image sensor and camera systems for a variety of applications.
Enlitech’s patent uniform light system and the monochromatic light, which makes the measurement more accurate.

Light Source (2)

Light sources are the essential factors for photonics experiments and applications. Enlitech offers a wide variety of light sources: AAA Solar Simulators, Indoor/ Low illumination and Xenon lamp house.
With high-tech technology, Enlitech develops Solar simulator systems which meet the international standards of IEC 60904-9, ASTM E927 & JIS.
To satisfy the requirement of high-end R&D and start-up production, the light intensity adjustment kit is optional.

Components & Accessories (14)

Enlitech’s dedicated to providing our customers with professional full service; Enlitech is now your one-stop destination for a wide variety of experiment materials, stages, probe stage & probe, reference cell and temperature controller.