Quantum Efficiency

Quantum Efficiency Measurement System (1)

QE-R Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

● High-efficiency light collection system and provides accurate and stable measurement.
● Exclusive two DSP dual-phase lock-in amplifiers, which monitors the optical power and measure the device signal simultaneously.
● Exclusive integrated computer-controlled signal switch can reduce cost for maintenance and consumables.
● Stable lamp system for long testing and less calibration time.
● For various types of solar cells measurement....

Full-Area Spectral Response Measurement System (1)

S6 Solar Cell Full-Area Spectral Response Measurement System

● S6 is the first modular full-area (156x156 mm2) illumination equipment in the world.
● Can do both of small spot size and full area measuring.
● Compared with the small spot size, the measurement speed of S6 system is 10 times faster since users do not to scan the samples.
● With signal monitoring function, users can monitor the signal when measuring the samples.

Module QE Measurement System (1)

MSR Solar Cell and PV Module Spectral Response/Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

● High-intensity and high-stability light source
● Full-size illumination for 6-inch (156 x 156 mm2) solar cell
● Wavelength: 300-1200 nm (extend to 1800 nm for P-mode) with spectral resolution < 10 nm
● Ability of WPVS-reference cell calibration. (Optional)