Reference Cell

Model : SRC-2020

SRC-2020 reference cell is one of the most important part of solar simulator and IV tracer. In accordance with Enli Tech's filter technology, the spectral mis-match is improved tremendously. Our combination of 2 cm x 2 cm silicon solar cell and the filter provides adequate solutions for the spectral response measurement of various solar cells.

Each Enli Tech’s reference cell has NREL-traceable or ISE-traceable calibration reportwhich is accredited by ISO-17025. We also provide the reference cell re-calibration service and  PTB Primary Reference calibration service according to IEC 60904-4 international standard. Please contact us now!

Enlitech NREL Traceable Calibration Report

NREL Traceable Calibration Report 

Enlitech ISE Traceable Calibration Report

ISE Traceable Calibration Report

Enlitech PTB Primary Reference calibration

PTB Primary Reference Calibration Report

Enli Tech_SR of different windows

Spectral response of different Windows

Item Specifications
Dimension 90 mm x 70 mm x 17 mm
Solar Cell mono-Si
Cell Size 20 mm x 20 mm
Window Quartz, KG1, KG2, KG3, KG5
Cover Material AI with surface treatment
Temp. Sensor Pt 100 (RTD) or K type (TC)
Interface Electrical: LEMO; Temperature: LEMO
Cable 4 wires
Calibration Illumance 1000 W/m2 (1 sun)
Operating Current < 200 mA
Operating Temperature 10℃~50℃
Calibration Report Isc, Imax, Voc, Vmax, Pmax, FF, Area, Spectral Response (ISO/ IEC 17025 : 2005)

Solar Cell to be Measured Suggested Type Suggested Type
c-Si/mc-Si/CIGS c-Si +Quartz SRC-2020-QZ-RTD
a-Si/DSSC/OPV c-Si + KG5 SRC-2020-KG5-RTD
  • c-Si+KG2
  • c-Si+RG610

  • SRC-2020-KG2-RTD
  • SRC-2020-RG610-RTD

If K-type TC is required, please change "-RTD" to "-TC".  e.g.: SRC-2020-KG2-TC
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● Solar Simulator Calibration

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