Warranty Terms and Conditions

Date: Jan. 26, 2021

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Enli Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ENLI" or “Our Company”) will provide limited warranty for ENLI product users (hereinafter referred to as "You"). Please read carefully Warranty Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Term") before purchasing a ENLI product.
• ENLI will provide 1-year warranty service from the date of acceptance. (The warranty would begin from 1 month
after the date of shipment if the date of acceptance is delayed for the reason not attributable to ENLI.) 
• Please contact ENLI if you need other professional service.

• Warranty Eligibility

1. ENLI provides warranty for equipment failure under normal use. If product malfunctions under normal use, products will be repaired by ENLI during the warranty period.
2. Please contact ENLI if the product does not function properly during the warranty period; the warranty does not cover consumables and damage caused by human factors or accident.ENLI will repair the defective product or part with components with performance equal to the original components. If the components are unavailable, ENLI will replace the original component with higher-performing components.
3. The warranty is limited to ENLI brand product. The warranty does not apply to non-ENLI brand hardware or software products, even if these products are packaged with or bound to the ENLI product. 
4. The warranty is limited to products purchased by individuals or organizations from ENLI or its authorized distributors and retailers.
5. The warranty is limited to the original place of purchase. ENLI does not provide cross-border support under the warranty. 
6. The product is a hard disk-free device. The warranty does not include the hard disk. ENLI does not guarantee the compatibility of its products with peripheral products. Under any circumstances, ENLI does not bear the loss of data damage due to the malfunction of hard disk.

• Non-Warranty Products

The warranty does not cover the following:
1. Products with invalid warranty periods.
2. Products with removed, damaged, or unrecognizable serial number plates.
3. Products without serial numbers or products that cannot be identified with serial numbers.
4. Products that have been modified without authorization or used unauthorized parts and consumables. Also, products that have been repaired, moved, or disassembled by unauthorized personnel or third parties.
5. Product defects are caused by improper use, use not in accordance with product manual instructions, or use in a harsher environment than the environmental conditions that described in the product manual or specifications.
6. Product defects are caused by force majeure or acts of god such as floods, lightning, earthquakes, war, vandalism, theft, power outages, or unstable power supply.
7. Not ENLI products such as computer, monitors, SMU, hard disk, batteries (including built-in batteries), accessories and replacement or repair of consumables (such as: slide rails, flash memory storage devices, lamp bulbs, filters, wires, optical fibers, detectors, chopper blades, fixtures, probes, XE lamp wire electrodes, lamp holders, white reflectance plate…). The aforementioned items depend on the status of each product, and we reserve the right of interpretation.
8. The computer configured in the product should be dedicated exclusively. If you share the computer with other equipment or install third-party software by yourself, the warranty is not applicable.

If the warranty of the product has expired, ENLI can offer paid repair services.

• Repair Terms of Service

1. You must provide the product’s serial number for the warranty repair service, and please contact the ENLI customer support and they can help to arrange a product return. To avoid damage to the product during delivery, you must properly pack the product sent for repair. ENLI is not responsible for any damage caused during transit.
2. If the product does not function properly during the warranty period, please follow the instructions to return the product. ENLI will repair the defective product or part with components with equivalent performance. If the components are unavailable, ENLI will replace the original component with higher-performing components.
3. Before using the warranty repair service, you are responsible for backing up your data. Before allowing any ENLI or its authorized maintenance personnel to perform maintenance (including remote inspection and repair service), you are responsible for backing up your data and removing any confidential, exclusive, and private information. ENLI and authorized personnel are not responsible for the damage, loss or leakage of any confidential information or data on any software, hardware, or media.
4. ENLI will repair or replace your product within a reasonable amount of time since receiving your returned product. The replaced product will be guaranteed in accordance with this warranty Terms, but the remainder of your warranty period will be one of the following, whichever is longer:(1) 90 days starting from receipt of your repaired or replaced product; or (2) The remaining days of your warranty period in addition to the number of days your product was processed—starting from your service request until your receipt of the repaired or replaced product.
5. Each party will pay for one-way shipping costs. For example, you will be charged shipping costs involved in delivering the malfunctioning product to ENLI, and ENLI will cover the shipping costs for returning the replaced or repaired product to you.

• Limitation of Liability

1. ENLI is not liable if it is found to be free of defects or due to unauthorized repairs caused by improper use, negligence, improper installation, testing, modification. Any products defects caused by abnormal use or not covered by the warranty, ENLI will not be responsible for the warranty.
2. You consent that ENLI may download or use the software on the product, collect system data, remotely control this product, or modify the system settings of this Product during remote support. ENLI may obtain system information on the product and surrounding related devices, including but not limited to system logs, statistics, system configuration, and application activation records. This information may continue to be used by ENLI after remote support to improve service quality in the future. Before initiating remote support, please confirm that any private or confidential information has been moved, backed up, deleted, or encrypted, and you agree that ENLI will under no circumstances be liable for any damage or loss of your data during this period. Do not agree to remote support if you cannot confirm ENLI’s technical capabilities or do not want ENLI access your product.
3. In no event shall ENLI and its partners or its employees, shareholders, contractors assume responsibility for damages (including but not limited to hardware and system damage, loss of data, any other financial loss), interruption of remote support services, or any content obtained through remote support services, even if the possibility of such damage has been previously notified.
4. In no event shall ENLI and its authorized distributors and retailers' liability under the warranty exceed the 50% value of the amount you paid for the product.
5. ENLI does not recognize any warranties, whether not expressly specified in law or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or warranties of a particular purpose. Except for these Terms, ENLI shall under no circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or indirect damages, including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of data, loss of use or loss of equipment, facilities or business interruption.

• Miscellaneous

1. You are ineligible to redeem this warranty with any gifts, cash or discounts on the products.
2. It is your responsibility to backup all existing data, software, and programs. ENLI is not responsible for loss, recovery, or leakage of data, programs, or the inability to use the equipment from warranty services provided by ENLI.
3. It is your responsibility to guarantee the product does not contain illegal files or data.
4. ENLI might install system software updates as part of its service to prevent your product system software from reverting to an earlier version.
5. Third-party applications installed on your product might be incompatible or unable to work on your product following system software updates.
6. ENLI reserves the right to change this Term at any time.
7. You can contact customer support at any time to check the repair order status information.
8. The Terms stated here are written in multi-languages. In case of any discrepancies between the Chinese and other language versions, the Chinese version prevails.
9. If any provision of the Term or if its application is deemed invalid by the competent court or arbitration institution, it will not affect the validity of other provision. Any disputes, controversies, claims, compensation, or interpretation of the Terms arising from the warranty Terms, will be finally and exclusively resolved by arbitration under the laws of Taiwan and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the District Court of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.