200 mm x 200 mm A+A+A+ Solar Simulator

Model : SS-X200i

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Enli Technology would like to introduce our latest product - 200 mm x 200 mm Production Line Solar Simulator (Model No.: SS-X200i) which is designed to measure high efficiency solar cells.SS-X200i can do the Busbar-free solar cell measurement automatically. The flash time of this solar simulator can be 10 ms-1 sec adjustable along with the high speed (low cycle time <0.5 sec) and 10 ms-1000 ms pulse width. For the industry filed, Enli Technology also offer customized production line to fit all customers’ requirements and enhance the measurement efficiency, such as automatic integrated instrument with loading and unloading function or sorting machine.
Item Specifications
Production Line Solar Simulators
a. A+AA+ Xenon Solar simulator
b. Spectrum Match: AM1.5 G, (0.75-1.25), class A+ (JIS / IEC / ASTM)
c. Non-Uniformity of irradiance: <1.5%, class A (JIS / IEC / ASTM)
d. Temporal Instability: <1%, class A+  (JIS / IEC / ASTM)
e. Illumination area: 200 mm x 200 mm
f. Pulse Width: 10ms~1,000 ms
g. Lamp lifetime: >1,500,000 @ 1,000 ms pulse width
h. Through-put: Max 7200 w/h @ 150 ms pulse width
i. Min Cycle time: 0.5 sec @ 150 ms pulse width
j. Multi-level IV curves test <700 ms
(under 5 levels from 100~1000 W/m2 @ 100 ms pulse width)
k. Irradiance Range: 100~1200 W/m2
l. Active feedback irradiance control
IV Curve Tracer
a. 4 synchronous 16-bit channels for voltage, current, irradiance and temperature
b. Measurement resolution: <0.004 % FSR
c. Measurement accuracy: <0.05 % FSR for current and voltage
d. Voltage measurement range: ±20 V/ ±10 V/ ±5V/ ±2.5 V/ ±1.25 V
e. Current measurement range: ±16 A/ ±8 A/ ±4 A/ ±2 A/ ±1 A
f. Power Repeatability (STD): ≦±0.5 %
g. Open Circuit Voltage Repeatability (STD)≦0.1%
IV Curve Software and Contact
a. Test parameters: Isc, Voc, Ipm, Vpm, Pmax, FF, Eff, Rs, Rsh
b. IscVoc, VocIsc scanning
c. Output curves: IV curves, Pm curve
d. Temperature correction (based on IEC 60891)
e. Irradiance correction (auto and simultaneously)
f. Implemented PLC and MES interfaces
g. 3BB, 4BB, 5BB, MBB, 0BB test fixtures

High Performance

● A+AA+ Xe lamp solar simulator 

● Repeatability ≦±0.1 %

● EL testing

Accurate Test for high Voc and high efficiency cell

● 10~1,000 ms pulse width

● Suitable for solar cell with Voc up to 750 mV


● 4 synchronous 16-bit channels

● Low cycle time < 0.5 sec

● Max throughput 7200 w/h


● Support 3BB, 4BB, 5BB, MBB, 0BB cell contact

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The following documents are available for download:


  Solar Simulator Maintenance and Safety Manual