SIM_3D Super Resolution Microscope

Model : Enli-SIM

Super-Resolution, High Quality, Fast Imaging

The application of structural illumination microscopy enhances the super resolution microscope beyond the optical diffraction limitation. The x, y axis resolution reaches 165 nm, and the z axis resolution reaches 352 nm. The performance is two times higher than conventional optical microscopes. Building with the image algorithm technology/software developed by Enli Tech, the noise of non-focal plane can be accurately eliminated and the high resolution three-dimensional diagram is produced. This is the best solution with high cost/profit ratio for three-dimensional structure measurement.

3D Super Resolution Microscope Specifications
iSIM-3DF a. 3D fluorescent slice image acquisition
b. Surface topography analysis and 3-dimensional image display
SRM Model The algorithm for Super resolution fluorescence

Super Resolution Structured Illuminator Specifications
Optical Transmission 360 nm to 800 nm
Light Source 425 nm to 650 nm
Peaks: 450/25 nm, 550/40 nm, 630/20 nm
Extinction ratio > 1500:1
Maximum Frame Rate @ 8bit 120 FPS (frame/sec)
Minimum exposure time @ 8bit 8.3 ms
Input trigger / Output trigger TTL, BNC connector
Output trigger delay User Programmable (ms)

Beyond the optical diffraction limitation. Twice the resolution of conventional optical microscopes

Enli Tech SIM 3D Super Resolution Microscope is designed in accordance with the technology of Structured Illumination Microscopy. Through the method of projecting the light pattern onto the focal plane and the build-in image algorithm technology/software, the signal of focal plane is acquired and the noise of the non-focal plane is eliminated. We successfully break through the optical diffraction limitation and the performance of Enli Tech’s 3D Super Resolution Microscope is two times higher than the conventional optical microscopes.

Enlitech SIM_牛肺動脈內皮細胞的光學切片螢光影像Enlitech SIM_牛肺動脈內皮細胞的光學切片螢光影像

Optical section fluorescent images of bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells

Fast imaging. The Time Resolution of 0.2 sec/frame

Enli Tech SIM 3D Super Resolution Microscope is equipped with high-speed image capturing performance. The frame rate is 5 fps (frames per second). In other words, every image can be acquired in 0.2 second. The high-speed image capturing performance satisfies the needs of bio-related research.

Z-axis high resolution 3D fluorescence imaging technology

Enli Tech SIM3D Super Resolution Microscope offers the following two types to display high-resolution fluorescent images: 

● Optical Slice Image

● 3D Stack Image

Enlitech SIM_3D stack fluorescent image of microtubules Enlitech SIM_3D stack fluorescent image of microtubules

3D stack fluorescent image of microtubules

Upgrading microscope, Integrating SIM system, Providing total solutions

Enli Tech suggests and customizes different alternatives for customers in accordance with their needs:

●  Enli Tech SIM total solution:providing SIM total solution including hardware, software, installation and training.

● Upgrading Microscopes solution:we can also offer the selective modularized solution. For example, if you have the optical microscope already, we can integrate the super resolution structural illuminator into your system and upgrade it to 3D super resolution microscope.

To satisfy user’s need for measuring three-dimensional micro-structures, Enli Tech 3D Super Resolution Microscope uses iSIM-3DF and SRM Model algorithm and integrates spatial-temporal control of the super-resolution structure light source, and a high-speed nano-shift-control system to upgrade the super-resolution structural light source to super resolution microscope. Enli Tech 3D Super Resolution Microscope can be used in the following fields: 

 Biotechnology: Bio and medical applications

  - Research of stem cell and cancer cell (Three-dimensional structure)

  - Research of chemical and physical stimulate/treatment of cancer

  - Research of cancer cell transfer/inhibit

  - Research of heredity and gene

  - Precision Medical

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