Super Resolution Structured Illuminator

Enli Tech’s Super Resolution Structured Illuminator provides the precise temporal-spatial adjustable function which cannot be achieved by conventional light sources. It is the ideal active light source for Optogenetics, Photoactivation, Uncaging, Photostimulation, Optophysiology, Photobleaching and Image sensor cross talk research and application.

EnliTech 超解析結構光源-時空精密調整功能 EnliTech 超解析結構光源-時空精密調整功能 EnliTech 超解析結構光源-時空精密調整功能 

Enli Tech’s Super Resolution Structured Illuminator provides the precise temporal-spatial adjustable function which cannot be achieved by conventional light sources.

User’s demand of precise temporal-spatial and spectral adjustable light sources can be perfectly realized by utilizing Enli Tech’s Super Resolution Structured Illuminator. Through integrating the super resolution structured illuminator with optical microscopes, users project the light patterns onto the specimens with high-speed and the sub-cell level resolution can be achieved easily. Further, it is proven that the Super Resolution Structured Illuminator contributes a lot to the development of Optogenetics researches. Due to the advantages of its temporal-spatial and spectral adjustable functions, the Super Resolution Structured Illuminator can precisely stimulate/inhibit the transmission of electrical signals of neurons. Moreover, by integrating the immune technology, the activation/inhibition of intracellular of protein can be executed. It will be very helpful on the research of neural networks, cell signaling functions for single cell, multi-cells and protein.

EnliTech 超解需結構光源-光遺傳學應用 EnliTech 超解需結構光源-光遺傳學應用

Optogenetics - Structured light sources can precisely stimulate/inhibit the transmission of electrical signals from neurons through the advantages of different colors and high temporal and spatial resolution.

Super Resolution Structured Illuminator Specifications
Optical Transmission 360 nm to 800 nm
Light Source 425 nm to 650 nm
Peaks: 450/25 nm, 550/40 nm, 630/20 nm
Extinction ratio > 1500:1
Maximum Frame Rate @ 8bit 120 FPS (frame/sec)
Minimum exposure time @ 8bit 8.3 ms
Input trigger / Output trigger TTL, BNC connector
Output trigger delay User Programmable (ms)

● Arbitrary shape, size and light intensity of light patterns can be achieved.

● Precise spatial illumination control (illumination of non-target area can be avoided)

● No time difference illumination characteristics in any areas of the specimens.

● Both of dark (inhibit) and light-irradiation (stimulate) modes are equipped.

● Spatial and temporal controlled characteristics make it possible to automate highly complex & dynamic lighting.

● High-speed (120Hz) light pattern adjustment for bio-applications is satisfied.

● Equipped different color light sources for simultaneous stimulate/inhibit, photobleaching/photoactivation and uncaging applications.

● Compatible with variant light source such as laser, LED, mercury light and halogen light.

● High reliability and low maintainess cost.

● The system is built on LabView instrumentation platform. It is easy to design the user interfaces and integrate different equipment.

To satisfy user's needs for measuring three-dimensional micro-structures, Enli Tech has further developed three-dimensional super-resolution image technology, integrating spatial-temporal control of the super-resolution structure light source, and a high-speed nano-shift-control system to upgrade the super-resolution structural light source to super resolution microscope.

The super resolution microscope build-in different three-dimensional image algorithm technologies, and it can re-build/construct the surface of bio or non-bio samples in accordance with its optical properties. The application covers:

Industry: semiconductor / material / bio-material

● Three-dimensional structure of IC Chip/MENS (semiconductor)

● Precision Medical Film structure of Perovskite devices (material)

● Three-dimensional structure of LED electrodes (material)

● Three-dimensional structure of solar cell electrodes (material)

● Three-dimensional structure of micro-tunnels of bio-chips (bio-material)

Biotechnology: Bio and medical applications

● Research of stem cell and cancer cell (Three-dimensional structure)

● Research of chemical and physical stimulate/treatment of cancer

● Research of cancer cell transfer/inhibit

● Research of heredity and gene

●  Precision Medical

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